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What is ColRegs?
Teaching staff of nautical colleges in the Netherlands, the Royal Dutch Navy and other experts have developed the ColRegs questions in this application within the Dutch BVA-platform over the past years. These questions are presented to ColRegs students in a user friendly interface to become acquainted with the rules that are applied at sea. In addition to the many images that support questions the app also uses interactive 3D-images to improve your knowledge of navigation lights used at sea.
  • For the amount of € 18.15 (incl. VAT) you get full access for one year
  • Access to well over 3,000 questions with photos and 3D images to practice and develop your ColRegs knowledge
  • Payment by iDeal, Paypal and Credit Card
  • Please contact us if your organisation requires multiple accounts
  • If you have a recent voucher code to access ColRegs, you will be invited by e-mail. In the e-mail message you will find further instructions.
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